Hi there forever hot mommas! My name is Tausha (pronounced Tasha) Bridgeforth, I am a 30 something year old wife and “Hot Mom” of 4 incredible and adorable munchkins. My children and husband are my world! Literally about 95% of the things I do are for them. My husband is my biggest supporter and I don’t know what I’d do without him. He encourages me and makes me feel like the Queen of the world. I’m Blessed! Now for my babies, they are probably the most entertaining group of kids I honestly know. With everything they do, there is some humor in it and that is my favorite trait about them. They love our family so much and can’t go long without seeing any of them. Sweethearts!

I’ve been blogging for about 6 years now, but decided to kick it up a notch. I always wrote about relationship issues, parenting troubles, and struggles women go through. I want my audience to relate to me on a personal level. We are all Queens and must stick together! My life hasn’t always been full of laughs and love. I’ve experienced a lot of hardships and for that reason, I want all mothers to know they are not alone and that there are plenty of ways to get to happiness! We get so mixed up in taking care of our families that we forget to take time for ourselves. I struggle with this every single week especially with having a 4-year-old and 7-month-old at home with me during the day, so trust me, I understand. StayHotMom.com is not just about staying hot physically or being attractive for a man, but staying hot for yourself and staying on top of the things you love to do, for you! Whether it’s, writing, dancing, dining, painting etc.… Whatever “your thing” is, please make time to do! Being a mom is the most important job on earth, and nothing works unless Mom is together.So, go ahead, make yourself smile, take 30 minutes to just sit and be alone, plan that girls weekend or night out on the town. Isn’t it time you did something just for you?

At StayHotMom.com I share what tips and tricks I come across like; beauty secrets, hair & skin care, diet & exercise, relationship issues, things to do with the kiddies, date night ideas and discounts & sales I come across! I talk about another passion of mine; white wine and compare brands. I also pick a “hot celebrity mom” of the week, with a bit of celebrity mom gossip.

Writing is like my second love. I’m very proud of the short story I’ve written and published entitled,  “Cynthia” which is available on Amazon. If you purchase a copy let me know what you think, Part 2 is on the way!

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  • This website alone is just amazing! Tausha, you seem like an extraordinary person and the fact that you have 4 kids and still look like your 18, makes you even more amazing! Thank you so much for creating this website and for helping people get through their day. You are most definitely a hero! I will definitely make sure that I buy your book off of Amazon. I heard it was astonishing :).

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