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There’s a quote that reads; “Invest in your hair, for it is the crown you’ll never take off.”

Let’s talk hair, shall we?! It is a known fact that the when you look good, you feel good. This is especially true when stepping out of the hair salon. There is nothing like a new hair-do! Going to get a deep condition, haircut, blow out, color, or extensions are all very important steps to keeping one feeling great about themselves. Our confidence is spiked and we feel as though we can take on the world, huh ladies? Now as a mother, I understand how difficult it can be to find the time and sometimes the money to keep our hair laid. BUT, if you are unable to go to the high-end boutique or get the best quality hair extensions, I must stress how important it is to do whatever you can, just to insure you are staying on top of your hair “routine”. Yes, we all know about the benefits of getting our ends trimmed, and washed regularly; I’m not necessarily talking about that. I am simply referring to the action of putting the time into holding on to your fabulousity! (two snaps & a twist!) So, with Spring around the corner, I dare you to go against the grain. Try a new look! Cut your hair! Dye your hair! Have some hair extensions put in! Do something drastic to change or spruce up your look. There are many types of looks one can apply to make change.

One of my favorite styles is the bob. I love a fresh and sassy bob cut, it can actually shed years off of your complete look. A bob is also a great cut for making the neck appear longer and slender ladies!  I love when a stylist adds something new to give them a little spice; whether  a crazy color or super spirals! Try something cute, fun and flirty! Make yourself happy. I promise as hard as you work, you DESERVE it! Enjoy!


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