Product Review: SpaLife Facial Mask

Product Review: SpaLife Facial Mask

Good morning ladies! As some of you already know from my post on Instagram last night, I tried out a new facial  mask before bed. SpaLife deep cleansing natural extract in fresh lime. It’s sad to say, this was my first time using a mask of any sort. (what kind of woman am I??) Anywho..When I took it out of the packing, I noticed a good amount of this water based substance all throughout the mask and packing which was kind of gooey to the touch. Should be good for hydration, I thought to myself. I placed it gently on my faced and looked in the mirror while guiding the mask on properly. There were a few extra flaps in the eyes and nose area that were a bit weird and the chin and jaw area were ill fitting.  It was hard to position, I just could have done without the extra flaps. Maybe my face is on the smaller side? Idk..


 (Don’t I look sexy?)

I looked like Ironman with this thing on. I was completely unrecognizable and made sure to stay away from my 7 month old, so I didn’t frighten the life out of her. My hubby said I still looked sexy though..So sweet (and full of it)

The directions were to leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes. While waiting, I noticed that the mask wasn’t staying on my face without me reapplying it over and over again. I had to continuously add pressure to certain spots to allow my skin to absorb all of the moisture and certain areas started to lift up by its self. The flaps under the eye would lift up blocking my vision. I wasn’t too happy with that because I couldn’t really relax with it on.

After 20 minutes, I took it off. I instantly noticed that my skin felt tighter and appeared hydrated and smoother. This made me happy. The 20 minutes of aggravation was worth it. I am still happy with the results!



SpaLife Facial Mask in Fresh Lime only $2.49 at Target!

If you pick one up and try it, leave a comment and let me know if you were happy with the results! Have a fabulous day!




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