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Ok, so this is sort of a controversial item that has been on the market for some time now and most of  you either own one of have heard of them. Waist trainers are these corset like body shapers that many women wear after pregnancy to help mold their mid sections back into its pre baby shape. It is a known fact that after a woman is pregnant for 9-10 months, her body can be extremely swollen once the baby is delivered. The most common reason for swelling is hormones. The body produces an incredible amount of progesterone. The excess progesterone causes water and sodium retention in the body which causes the swelling once the baby is born. It takes some time for most bodies to shrink back down to normal size and that can cause a great deal of frustration and or stress for a lot of moms looking to snap right back to their pre pregnancy weight or size. Now lets be honest, if you ate pizza, donuts, bagels and chips for the majority of your pregnancy, it is going to be very difficult to quickly drop that kind of weight especially you opted out of exercise while pregnant. Most women, like myself, have struggles while carrying therefore are unable to exercise during pregnancy. Eating a healthy and balanced diet before, during and after pregnancy are always your best bet. It’s normal to give in to those cravings once in a while, but let’s be honest, no one wants to carry around an infant and an extra 30 pounds after it’s all said and done, am I right? I know that a woman who works out and is physically fit for the most part, prior to being with child, will have an easier chance at getting back to her pre-pregnancy size. If the abdominal muscles are strong, the mid-section will be able to shrink back to its original size a lot easier and a lot faster. It always pays to stay fit!

Waist trainers have been made controversial because like anything else, you have people who abuse things and use them incorrectly. There are women who get them way too small to start out, which is very unhealthy and potentially dangerous. Wearing a waist trainer or corset that is too small can cause harm to your organs and obstruct your airways. The professional companies that sell them have size charts and customer service representatives who can guide you towards making the right purchase for your size. You start off with what size you need at the time then eventually work your way down as you start to lose the excess water weight and inches from your waist line. Another thing to mention is that these things are not indestructible and can be ruined in the wash. Your waist trainer will not be the only one you purchase if using them correctly.

Waist trainers are usually most helpful if worn during workouts or any time you know you’re going to be active. I wear mine during my Zumba workouts as well as when I’m just feeling bloated for whatever reason. It makes me work up a pretty good sweat and also helps to keep my posture right while lifting weights. The inside of it usually has some sort of wire boning which helps keep it in place and fight that fat trying to push its way through. As of lately, I’ve noticed more styles of the waist trainer. There are some that are just for the mid-section which makes it fairly short in length. There are some that are longer for women with longer torsos or for women who want to make sure every inch from under the breast to below the waist is being tightened. When that doesn’t happen you create what I like to call the “biscuit affect”. This simply means you will have spillage that resembles that of biscuit dough busting out of the can. It’s not a pretty sight. There are trainers that come with arm straps and those that snap first then zip for double support and firmness. If you are interested, I suggest you thoroughly do your research. There are several brands and companies that make or just sell this item. It’s a hot ticket! This is an item that believe to be a must have for moms who have recently given birth or women who are just on the journey to burn some fat and shrink that waist!



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