Hello Everyone!

Let me just first start out by saying THANK YOU to everyone for reposting, reblogging, and sharing  Zara’s unfortunate incidents in school. The amount of love and support we’ve received over the web mainly via social media has been incredible. You all have been so supportive and kind with your encouraging words for Zara personally as well as for me and my family. I mainly want to thank FroBabies for being the first to pick up Zara’s story and share it with their 600 thousand + followers on Instagram and 10’s of thousand more via Facebook. Zara has received so many responses from people wanting to send her items such as books, clothing, an online interview for a blog and an invite for a project happening in NYC which uplifts people with darker skin. Stay tuned! 🙂 I have read a lot of the comments to her and she is feeling the love and support. She is feeling more confident than ever before and now has the sass to match! LOL


Now I want to address the comments of “why” I recorded my daughter and posted her on the web. People every where every day are struggling to fight something. Whether it’s racism in school, the community, the workplace, sexism in theses areas and bullying just for being different. There are soo many cruel people who can affect our thoughts of ourselves and our lives. Especially among children. When Zara came home hurt by her friends words I immediately thought of the children who have committed suicide because of the words of their peers. Words are extremely powerful and can make or break you depending on your mindset at the time. We all have bad days where you have to get up and out of the bed regardless of what happened the night before even if you’ve had a major loss in your life. These are the days where we are the most vulnerable and the words of a stranger or even close friend can literally set you off or break you down. What we do and how we treat others is very important. We have to learn to be kind no matter what and more importantly teach our children to love everyone no matter what they look like or where they come from.

With the nature of the internet/social media these days, things get around a lot faster than anything else. To me, this was the best way to get our message across because this isn’t just an issue my daughter is dealing with and like Oprah said, we must use our voices to speak our truths! TIMES UP! This is for sexual harassment, racism, bullying and every other major issue we as people are fighting against daily. Use your platform to speak out and combat these social injustices. That is the BEST way to teach all. Speak up! Speak out! I can guarantee you that Zara’s story has sparked something in a lot of parents to have these conversations with their children to find out how their friends are treating them OR how they are treating others who look differently than them; especially those 5 and under. Believe it or not, this can be an issue starting in preschool!

Another positive thing that came out of Zara’s video going viral was that so many people with darker skin tones have spoken up saying they’ve either experienced the same thing or someone close to them is or has in the past. They offered words of encouragement and hope for her and just wanted to reassure her that she is beautiful. This made me very emotional. To know that people from all walks of life around the world have seen Zara’s face and heard her words and have reached out offering their empathy, sympathy and support for what she was dealing with was very powerful. People from the U.K., Canada, and down to Florida here in the states were touched by my babies courage to tell how such words made her feel. This is the power of the internet. Overall, I do not regret any of my decisions on how we dealt with this situation. Nothing changes if no one speaks out about it!

After several conversations between the school my husband and I, the principal is now keeping a close eye on Zara’s classroom and peers. She understands where we stand with everything and is doing what’s in her power to prevent things from worsening or happening again. We have faith in her to work with us and keep Zara’s best interest at heart. Zara is feeling a lot better and I believe her peers are being properly educated on the differences of others.

Because of the way this has touched the heart of so many, Zara now has her own Instagram account with almost 900 followers! You can keep up with what’s next to come from our little brave beauty by following her @princesszarab on IG.

Thank you to everyone for the immense amount of love and support for our Zara! Stay tuned, Zara is on a mission to change the world!



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