THINGS TO DO: The Earthplace, Westport CT

THINGS TO DO: The Earthplace, Westport CT

Good day hot mommas and thank you for the love and support. It means so much!


Earlier this week the hubby and I took our two youngest out for an educational trip to The EarthPlace in Westport CT. We had never been to this museum and since I try to keep the girls as active as possible, I came across this place and we jumped right on it! Since Zara (our 4 yr old) is home with the baby and I during the day, I make sure she gets to interact with children her age at least 3 times a week. Whether it’s within the community that we live in, at our local libraries, children’s museums etc.. As an early childhood educator I understand the importance of socializing for this age group. So, whether it’s one of their (free classes) at the Library we try to keep them as active as possible and away from the television and tablet. She also has to sit for 30 minutes and practice her writing in her preschool/kindergarten activity books and we read every night before bed. As a writer, I make sure they have an appreciation for literature this is why the library is like a second home for us.

The Earthplace wasn’t large in space indoors but they had some interesting activities for the kids to do all while they learn all about animals. Outside was a 62-acre wildlife sanctuary comprised of a variety of habitats like fields, ponds, trails and a stream. There were owls, hawks, snakes, chinchillas, hedgehogs, rabbits just to name a few.. We were able to have story time with “Peaches” the corn snake. Our girls were so very brave to touch the snake without hesitation. Mostly because we learned the about the snake first and the proper way to pet a snake. They also were able to feed “Barley and Rye” the large and playful rabbits. We then went out for a walk to visit the birds in their cages. At first we thought it was sad to see them in there, but we soon learned that most of them were rescues and the staff at The Earthplace were caring for them. Some examples of their injuries were missing eyes, and wing wounds which prevented flying. Zara was so excited to learn all about the animals, what they ate and their natural habitats. We stayed for about an hour (perfect time before kids start to lose it) then left in time for hubby to get to work, and us to have lunch. Admission is only $7 for adults and $5 for children over one. Our fees were waived because our library gives out 2 day passes for residents in our town, it was great Day!

If you decide to visit The Earthplace please let me know all about your experience!


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