Hi there hotties! It’s about time for my pick for Celebrity Hot Mom for the month of April and she is none other than the ultimate hottie herself Ms. Jennifer Lopez! I chose JLo for obvious reasons, she’s hot, lol. She has been able to keep her body super tight and looking right for decades now even after having TWINS with her ex hubby Marc Anthony. Jennifer’s 6 pack is one to admire and boy does she love showing it off.  I can’t even be mad at her because let’s be honest, if I look like her at 47 years old, I’d go outside in a leotard every day! Just all in Stop N Shop looking like I’m about to perform at Madison Square Garden.

I’ve always been a fan of JLo. I think she is an incredible dancer and actress. I don’t think she’s the best singer but she has made some hits that I still have on my playlist til this day. So I’m not hating on her for doing what she loves regardless of what people have to say, it’s inspiring! I’ve always said that dancing is one of the greatest forms of exercise. I tell my 14-year-old daughter, who is a musical theatre major, all the time that she will be amazed by how much muscle tone she will still have as an adult if she keeps dancing. Staying active in any way is really the key but dancing just makes it so much more fun!

Now JLo has been dancing/performing for at least 25 years. She started becoming famous back in the 90’s during one of my favorite tv shows to watch as a kid, “In Living Color”. “The Fly Girls” were so cool to me and my sisters. Every single time they would dance, we would dance, we loved them! 

Now when you ask any person over the age of 18 to name someone in the entertainment industry who has a smoking body, mom or not, JLo will be mentioned, no question. I also admire her sense of style. She is such a fashionable woman and I applaud her ability to go against the grain and remain on top after all these years! Not easy to do!

Another reason I chose Jennifer Lopez for Hot Mom of the Month is because of her dating life. She has been associated with some of the top bachelors in the game. A lot of people will have negative things to say about her dating style since she’s been married and divorced three times but I say she is hot, she is available and she is grown; do you Jenn! Even though she was recently connected to rapper/singer Drake, those rumors of them dating were never confirmed. Her new boyfriend or “manfriend” appears to be non-other than Alex Rodriguez or “ARod”. Former professional baseball shortstop and third baseman for the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers and finally New York Yankees! They have been seen out and about walking the streets of NY, and going into some of the city’s top restaurants hand in hand. Not bad Jenn…. not bad at all! This is one forever Hot Momma, you’ve got to admit!

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