My New Life As A Vegan

My New Life As A Vegan

So it’s the end of the first month into the new year. Everyone typically starts the new year off with some type of resolution right? Whether it’s to diet more, exercise more or attend church more people usually try to kick off the new year on the right foot. I honestly didn’t plan to commit to any change in particular, I was just tired of being fat! I am the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life and I hate it. Throughout high school and I was probably one of the skinniest females in school. I wore a double zero in jeans (yes that’s a real size) and I could eat whatever I wanted without any negative effects.

I had my oldest child, Paris, when I was only 18 years old. I was a baby having a baby! So of course my body bounced right back to being it’s ity bity self. During my pregnancy with my son Mikell at 23, due to some complications I was put on bed rest therefore, put on a good 15-20 lbs. Which wasn’t a bad thing. At this point I was probably in between a size 3-5. I became comfortable with  my weight and didn’t have to worry about the negative comments from being “too skinny”. I was happy at this size. With Zara I gained maybe another 10lbs which still wasn’t too bad but with Zoey I transformed into the human version of a blue whale, in my mind of course. Nothing fit any more, and I no longer cared about what I ate.

Now, I still would diet here and there, trying to eat smaller portions and less soda but I still ate horribly, in regards to what was in the foods that I would intake. I’m 33 now, and my metabolism isn’t working the way it once did. My energy levels were always down, oh that’s because I have 4 kids right? But I could’t seem to get my digestive issues in control. I was only using the bathroom every 4 days or so! I would get HORRIBLE stomach cramps. I could not sleep through a night, and I had cravings for some of the worst things you could possibly eat. It got to the point where I would look in the mirror and cry because nothing I put on would fit me around the stomach area. I literally HATED the way that I looked. I’ve never been one to jump up and run to they gym or go for a bike ride, not since I was a kid even though we moved into a luxury apartment community that provided a 24 hour fitness center, I still would struggle to get there on a regular basis. So now the negative internal thoughts persisted. “You’re so fat and disgusting” “You’re too lazy to work out” ‘How could you let yourself go like this?” None of this is healthy for anyone! Something had to be done because not only was I feeling terrible physically, it was slowly turning into a serious mental problem for me and we all know, if momma aint right, nothing will be!

On Sunday January 21st, my husband and I FINALLY decided to watch the popular documentary “What The Health” on Netflix. We had heard so much about it and couldn’t believe people were changing their diets immediately after watching it.  Let me just tell you this: after watching it for myself, I was utterly disgusted by the facts behind what we have been putting into our bodies and feeding to our babies. We instantly jumped up and threw out just about everything that was in our cabinets and fridge. The documentary showed how there are soo  many direct links to almost all the foods we were eating and cancer, diabetes and other serious diseases. I couldn’t help but think about the loved ones who had passed away due to some of these very diseases. I think about their diets and that of the people in my family and am infuriated because we deserve so much better! Another aspect of the documentary that helped us make such a drastic life change was the fact that these large multi billion dollar companies have been lying to us just to make a profit. They put chemicals and other poisonous substances in the food with no care of the lives that are being ruined on a daily basis! Disgusting!

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All of the women and even a few men in my family can “throw down” in the kitchen. This meaning the food tastes professionally made to perfection. But when I think about all the toxins that are in the meats and dairy products that we eat I had to shut them down. You see, cancer is a gene that you can inherit from a relative BUT 90% of the time it will grow when it’s fed certain toxins which are in processed foods, meats and dairy. These are scientific facts! So knowing this, we’ve decided to stop eating dairy, and meat, cold turkey (pun intended) I understand that we all have to go some day, but the thought of me suffering in my last days while my children sit helplessly by my side is one I cannot bear inside my future thoughts.


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It has only been 10 days since our lifestyle change and I feel a lot better! I’ve already lost 3lbs, have more energy, I’m sleeping 2-3 hours longer than usual and my digestive issues have progressed significantly. The one thing that has been the most challenging for us is actually FINDING the foods to eat! This country is designed to keep everyone fat and sick. I’m completely convinced of this. Think about all of the fast food places that are literally everywhere. They are comprised of these toxins and even though most people know this; they aren’t able to stay away. Fast food is cheap and convenient. We literally have to keep food on us and read every ingredient on every label if we purchase anything out. One thing we had to figure out was some 100% vegan meals that our children would enjoy. Like most kids, my babies LOVE pasta. So I needed to be able to make a vegan mac n’ cheese and find a good sauce that I could buy. Whole Foods has a decent selection for vegans and I’ve heard Big Y, BJ’s and a couple other grocery stores have a smaller selection but some things as well. It seems like more so today then the past, it is some what easier to find different types of ingredients, as more and more people are catching on to the health benefits of a plant based diet. I refuse to just sit back and continue down this path of destruction knowing what I now know. My family deserves the best of everything and my husband and I vowed to do our absolute best when it comes to each other and them. You can do it too! Remember; you are what you eat! *oink*


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  • Way to girl, Tausha!!! zi’m not there yet but I am trying to eat better!! I sho’ do love some fried chicken though!

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